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back from Malaysia

halu guys!!! I'm back!!!

Malaysia was great!! I really had a great time. Sobrang sakit lang ng katawan ko sa pagod. Haha. Walang kamatayang lakad ba naman. and I still have motion sickness until now. Feeling ko nasa airplane pa rin ako at may turbulence. Hehe. Immune na ata ako sa bonamine. Hehe.

Hay... Travelling is good in a sense that I get to see new things and experience different cultures, but it makes me feel sad for our country. More on pity actually. Nakakaawa tlga tingnan ang Pilipinas. Gives my more reason to leave the country, which we might do in the near future. The Philippines does not even come close to Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, to name a few. To think that before, we were ahead of these countries.. and now napag-iwanan na tyo. Alam ko masama, pero nakakahiya tlga ang Pilipinas if ipapakita mo sa tourista. Pathetic tlga gobyerno natin.

Anyway, most of our Kuala Lumpur coverage is on video, kaya konti lang yung pics namin
Kuala Lumpur
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