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i never realized how scared i am of change... until yesterday.

CHANGE. why can't everything just stay the way they are? why do we have to undergo different changes in life? of course most people would say, it is the only way we can learn and grow. but why does it have to be so hard?

i cried myself to sleep last night because of the soon-to-be circumstances of our relationship. i never expected that it would be this damn f*ck*n hard, considering that there would still be a few months left of utter complacency in this current world i am living in.

and then change needs to come into our lives and i will be living in a different and separate world from his.

but what can i do? despite my total resistance to this moment of make-or-break, i still need to surrender.

i still need to accept change and make sacrifices. sacrifices. the things you will do for love.

when that day comes... may i have the courage to survive it.
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