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Cebu and Bohol Trip

and so i am back from my Cebu and Bohol Trip. bitin. haha.

anyway i went with my mom, dad, lolo, lola and uncle... too bad my sister couldn't make it kasi duty sya sa hospital. it would have been a whole lot better if she was there. she's my buddy in all our family road trips.

we stayed at Shangri-La's Mactan Island Resort & Hotel Spa and hanep. Five star hotel tlga sya. Beyond my expectations. One of the best hotels I've ever been to. Ayun nga lang, since five star sya, five star din ang presyo hehe. lalo na sa iba't ibang restaurants. We average P1300 pax everytime we eat. Haha. Buti na lang, i'm in the company of my family which means i don't get to pay any. Haha. Thanks Mom!!! Ur the best.

nag-ikot kame sa Cebu City.. and many thanks to Tito Joseph and Tita Juvy for being our tour guide and taking us around. Eto lang masasabi ko: walang kasing courteous ang mga Cebuano.

thanks also to Fr. Boggs and Tito Ed for taking us around Bohol nman. Wala kaming relatives sa Cebu and Bohol, but they're like family na rin. Buti na lang. Hehe.

For me, and pinaka-highlight ng aking trip eh ang pag-parasailing ko, other than getting a tan of course. haha. 250 meters lang nman ako from sea level. whew. the best view of the place was up, up there =) wasn't able to scuba dive or snorkel this time, coz mag-isa lang ako. kameng dalawa lng kasi ng sis ko ung ngsswim. next time na lang ulit. haha.

atleast my goal of parasailing was complete. hindi kasi kme ntuloy last, last year sa fort ilocandia.

sa wakas. nakapag-beach na rin ako. =) nakakita na rin ako ng tarsier!! hehehe. kewlness.

check na lang my multiply for pics.

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